Weekly Tuition

Weekly tuition takes place throughout the year, in term time and throughout school holidays. In term time, we run weekly tuition programmes for all subjects and key stages.  These take place between 4.30 – 6.30 pm on weekdays, and from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. This means we have a range of times to suit everyone.  Most of our students attend for a two-hour block, with one hour for English and the other for Mathematics.

Our students benefit from a regular, weekly slot, as all tuition groups follow a clear programme, which targets the demands, skills and assessment objectives for each element, whether that is the 11 + or a GCSE syllabus.  This also provides continuity in terms of the same teacher for them, and peers with whom they are comfortable. 

Fees for Classes

The fees for the weekly classes are £14.00 hour, or £12.00 hour if you book a regular two-hour block.    This includes all resources and equipment. We also have special offers which make it possible for you to save, when you sign up to an extended block booking.  Our initial assessment of your child and the first tuition session are free.

11 Plus Tuition

Our 11+ tuition support is provided in two-hour blocks, enabling students to have weekly support for Verbal Reasoning and English, alongside another session for Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics. Our approach is to teach the test requirements and skills needed for the different types of questions children will encounter.  We also make sure that they know what to expect for the specific tests that they are sitting, as these can vary across Kent and Medway. We then introduce practice questions for individual skills, to build children’s confidence.  The tuition sessions also cover the English and Mathematics tests which are part of the 11+.  To support you and the children outside of tuition hours, we provide a dedicated 11+ portal at no additional cost.

GCSE Tuition

We offer weekly tuition to support students with English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science.  Our initial and ongoing assessments identify individual needs and the exam boards which they follow for different subjects e.g. AQA, OCR, Edexcel. This allows us to tailor support and resources to help students understand the exam board demands, the mode of assessment and objectives and the weighting of different components.  Most of our students are looking to achieve targets between Grades 4 -9, and we differentiate our tuition programme to ensure all students are challenged and that they understand the specification that they are following.

As well as targeted GCSE support, we offer booster preparation sessions for Year 7-9 students, to prepare them for GCSE success.

STEP 1 – Purchase Credits

You can purchase credits below for 1 week (2 hour session), 4 weeks (4 x 2 hour sessions) or 1 Year (52 x 2 hour sessions). Discounts apply when you purchase 4 weeks or more. You also have the option to purchase credits for multiple children.

STEP 2 – Book your Time Slots

Once you have purchased credits, you can email us your preferred time slots from above to info@tuitiontraining.co.uk or alternatively leave us a voice message on 07920 024 629.

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