Revision for Primary and Secondary Education

At key times in the year, we offer tailored and timely programmes of support for different groups of students.  These include:

All students who attend Success Tuition are automatically notified about revision courses which could provide further support for them. However, it is possible to book revision courses for children who have not attended Success Tuition before.

Revision Courses provide:

  • Initial mock tests to identify areas for development;
  • Individual Learning Plan for each student, for each subject, for the week;
  • Practice questions, tailored to individual needs;
  • Exam preparation technique, including reading rubric, time-management and understanding of mark schemes;
  • Guidance on study and revision practice;
  • Final assessment and advice on progress made and further areas for development.

To find out more about how our Revision Courses might help your child, please contact Success Tuition for details of upcoming courses.

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