FAQ 1: What is Success Tuition and Training Centre?

As the name indicates STAT is a centre that provides tuition to primary and secondary students after school for 2 hours from Monday to Friday 16:30 to 18:30. The classes have a maximum of 8 students. The centre opens Saturday as well from 09:00 to 18:30. The centre also delivers vocational qualifications and professional training in computing. The vocational qualifications are open to anyone looking for a vocational qualification in IT. Professional range from introductory courses in computing to professional certifications including Microsoft, CISCO and British Computer Society (BCS)Here is your answer

FAQ 2: What subjects and ages do STAT deliver in its tuition?

STAT’s tuition is in mathematics, English and Science.
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FAQ 3: What support does STAT give?

STAT works closely with each family to understand and define ways to help students to improve. Advice is also available for parents for the school choices (secondary or Further education)
With parents’ permission will look into student’s school report and advise on the right course of actions for excellent results
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FAQ4: How do I book and pay for tuition?

You can book lesson via our website. Once the booking form is received you will be invited to attend the centre for an initial assessment. This assessment is free of charge. The assessment is marked and a feedback is given to you. Following the feedback an individual learning Programme is elaborated, class and time are allocated. You are invoiced and payments options vary from cash to online/bank transfer. Payment should be made in advance.

FAQ5: Do you give trial lessons and if yes what are they about?

STAT does not deliver trial lessons. However it offers the initial assessment and feedback free of charge.

FAQ6: Can I book multiple lessons?

Yes. STAT recommends that students go for long bookings. This gives them opportunity to attend either the two subjects of their choice or attend the three.

FAQ7: How much does tuition cost?

There is a flat cost of £14 per hour of lesson and per child. However depending on the length of bookings and the number of children from the same family attending there may be a discount. Please check with the centre before

FAQ8: Where do tuition sessions take place?

All tuition sessions will take place at the centre at College Road in Maidstone. Please address and map on Contact Us page

FAQ9: What will happen if a lesson is cancelled?

In the event of any cancellation STAT will inform you 24 hours before the lesson time. However in case a tutor has an emergency STAT will always provide means to have the lessons covered by another tutor.
Any cancellation from the student should be notified to the centre 24 hours before. Should the centre be informed as suggested the payment made for that day will be rescheduled or deducted from the next invoice.

FAQ10: How old do I have to be to start at STAT?

Tuition starts from year 3 in primary school up GCSE.

FAQ11: Is STAT for gifted and talented only?

No, any students willing to improve their academic results are welcome. Opportunity is provide to all to maximise their potentials

FAQ12: How do STAT programmes relate to the national curriculum?

STAT follow the national curriculum in order for the students to make significant progress in class. Importantly STAT will plan for each student to master the foundation of their age group.

FAQ13: How will STAT help my child with their school work?

programme to reinforce the foundation of their age group our aim is to make sure that our students do not struggle with their school work

FAQ14: What equipment do I need to bring?

All resources will be provided for all students including stationary and revision packs for all areas. Once students are allocated to a group their needs will be met.

FAQ15: What is the maximum class size for tuition sessions?

Each group can take up to 8 students