Please contact us if you think we might able you with any of these services, so we can arrange a confidential discussion.

Working with Schools

We understand that, in the changing world of education, it can be difficult for parents to keep up with all developments. We can provide additional, personalised support to parents when you need it. This could include:
Understanding school reports and assessment information;
Completing application forms for schools;
Support and guidance about appeal processes;
Support to approach a school with queries or concerns.

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Higher Education and Career Advice

Moving on from compulsory education can be very daunting for young people and their parents. We can provide support to assist with:
UCAS choices, applications and Personal Statements;
Careers guidance and options, including apprenticeships and further education opportunities in the area.


EAL Support for Parents

We can offer highly personalised support to families for whom English is not their first language. To date, we have provided translation services, guidance and emotional support for parents dealing with a wide range of organisations and services, not just school. Our help has included:
Supporting parents on visits to school, offering guidance and translation;
Helping to read and respond to communications from schools;
Wider support for dealing with other organisations and institutions: housing, financial guidance, safeguarding, complaints procedures etc

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