Learn English EAL/ESL

The EAL programme will vary considerably depending on the level of existing English and the reasons for taking up classes. At Success Tuition we focus on the key skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, as well as developing an understanding of British culture, traditions and values to support integration.

The overall aim is to develop confidence in the use of English in its various forms. Typical priorities and activities could include:

  • Listening: following and responding to instructions; comprehension; sequencing; learning sounds and pronunciation etc
  • Speaking: survival phrases (basic needs); nouns for naming objects; common verbs for activities and tenses; developing conversational skills including key transactions, such as travel, shopping etc.
  • Reading: survival reading (notices and signs); describing images; reading range of texts; phonemes (letter sounds); progressively challenging comprehension etc
  • Writing: letter formation; key words and spellings; sentence construction; grammar – verbs and tenses, word order, agreement etc

Course Options

Beginners’ English

Some information about the content section e.g. Basic Past Tense, Present Tense, Present Past to Present Perfect etc.

Developing Confidence

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Targeted English Support

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