GCSE Boosters Run Weekly in Summer

GCSE Summer Booster for Years 10 and 11 – BOOK ONLINE

Our Summer Booster programme is targeted at students who are about to start their GCSEs or those who are just about to enter the final year of GCSE study. The programme is suitable for students who already attend Success Tuition or another tuition school, but equally it is designed to be free-standing and suitable for any Year 9 or 10 student who is looking for a boost before the next academic year.

The programme is delivered by qualified, subject specialists who have detailed knowledge of a range of examination boards and their demands, including AQA, Edexcel and OCR.  The focus will be on the core subjects of English (Language and Literature), Mathematics and Science and will include:

  • Overview of each curriculum area – English, Mathematics, Science;
  • Overview of assessment process, in terms of examinations and mark schemes;
  • Assessment of existing skills and areas for development;
  • Study skills for success.

The weekly courses will be intensely practical, with multiple GCSE tasks attempted in an environment of personalised learning and support, with real-time, individual guidance to address any misunderstandings or any areas for development.  Your child will leave with not only a clear understanding of the demands of these subjects, but also an awareness of how they can prepare themselves most effectively to meet these.

21 Hours Tuition including 2x Mock Exams only £180


Year 10 Time Table

Year 11 Time Table