GCSE Boosters Run Weekly in Easter

Year 11 Easter Revision – BOOK ONLINE

Our Easter Revision Booster programme is targeted specifically at Year 11 students who are about to sit their final examinations.  This programme is suitable for students who already attend Success Tuition or another tuition school, but equally it is designed to support students (and their parents) who want the benefit of a structured, formal programme of revision just prior to sitting examinations.

The programme is delivered by qualified, subject specialists who have detailed knowledge of a range of examination boards and their demands, including AQA, Edexcel and OCR.  As well as English Language, we offer support for English Literature, including Shakespeare, 19th Century texts, modern texts and poetry, from the anthology and unseen.  The support provided is highly personalised, which is possible because of the small groups we run, but a key strand will be about examination strategy and success, including:

  • Understanding the weightings of the mark scheme;
  • Understanding assessment objectives and the skills examiners will be looking for;
  • Timing under examination conditions;
  • Following rubric and making sure they answer questions fully and accurately.

In addition, we will help students plan their revision for the remaining weeks, identifying key areas for development and resources that will assist them.


Year 11 Time Table

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