Our Venue

Our Vision

Peter Drucker, leadership guru, stated “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. At STAT we share this vision. We understand that if given the right tools, all children, youth and professionals can achieve their personal best. That is why we intend to create superior tuition and training programs. STAT is an open-minded centre that will commit to a high standard of curriculum planning throughout discussion with parents, students and highly respected leaders in the education industry.

Our Mission

Academic tuition
Our Mission is to understand our students’ needs to achieve excellent results in their education and support them through a well thought and rigorous tuition program.

Professional Training
We aim to understand the needs of businesses and develop a dedicated training program for their employees or prospective employees (our students) to achieve in order to reach excellent outcomes at work.
For both academic tuition and professional training, STAT is committed to “Bridging The Gaps Through Excellence”.

Our Values

Success Tuition and Training Centre

  • MaximiseWe strive to maximise the potential of our learners.
  • OpportunityOpportunities are seen in every action undertaken in the centre to improve the chances of success for our learners.
  • Tolerance: We build a culture of tolerance and acceptance of all in our centre. Every individual must be treated with respect in order to create and maintain a disciplined environment.
  • Innovation: The Success Tuition and Training Centre will carry out tutoring and training differently by involving all stakeholders at every stage of development.
  • ValuedWe value people and fully adhere to the policy of Inclusion and Diversity. We firmly believe in the capabilities of everyone and strive to provide opportunities for all to achieve their personal best.
  • Accountability: We stand by our values and will always recognise and assume our decisions.
  • Trust: We promote trust, honesty and integrity. We embed these strong moral principles in our daily actions.
  • Excellence: We educate our learners, staff and all stakeholders to the culture of excellence. 
  • Success: We promote success in our community of learners. 

Youssouf Adama

Youssouf Adama is a multi-skilled and experienced teacher. He has a wealth of experience as a tutor, lecturer and teacher…
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Nikki Atkin-Reeves

I began my teaching career in 1987, teaching Theatre Studies and English to A level at Invicta Grammar school; I…
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Janet Webley

Jan Webley joined the Success Tuition team in October 2018. She has twenty-five years of teaching experience, fifteen of which…
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The aim of the centre is to always put learning first. At the end of every session it is our duty to check and record what our students have learned. At every opportunity we aim to maximise learning and retention of information. Putting learning first and learning always. 

The Tuition Suite

The Tuition Suite has been set up as a flexible working space, which can be re-arranged dependant on the activity. This room is where we will hold most of our tuition and theory sessions for courses.

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The Computing Suite

The Computing Suite has been set up with 10 computers for computing courses and tuition. The courses cover different aspects of computing from long BTEC based courses to short MS Office courses.

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