Covid 19 Update

21 Apr 2020

Success Tuition Lockdown Update – Launch of Interactive, Online Lessons


We understand that this is a challenging time for education and are aware that the timetable and support offered by schools vary considerably.  We also know that children work best when they can interact with a subject expert and get real time feedback on their progress.

Success Tuition is now using Microsoft Teams to deliver lessons to students of all ages from KS1 to A’ Level. This includes a number of 11 Plus groups running for Year 4 and 5, as well as GCSE lessons for English Language, English Literature (Shakespeare this term), mathematics and science (all disciplines). These lessons differentiate for all main exam boards, including AQA, OCR and Edexcel, with all of them are delivered by qualified teachers. We are still running Year 11 support lessons for those who may want to take advantage of any autumn exams or plan to progress to A’ Level. Other KS2 and KS3 groups are also now running for groups from Year 3 to Year 9, so whatever stage your child is at, we believe we can help you to support them.

Our lessons are live online, completely interactive and supported by weekly homework. We will help you set up Microsoft Teams and provide free guidance and a trial so you and your child can use our system with confidence.  If you are an existing or new customer, please contact us to find out about these classes and our revised, highly competitive tuition rates for these new classes. You can use the enquiry link on the website or contact us directly via email:  info@tuitiontraining.co.uk  or by phone on 07920024629

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